Diagnostic Check


Diagnostic Check Carlisle – £39.99 Diagnostic Check


Worrying warning lights on your dashboard? Let  Thompons Service Centre ATA-trained technicians in Carlisle quickly identify the problem and stop costly component failures. Here at Thompons service Centre we have invested heavily in vehicle diagnostics as their daily use in the service centres is critical to being able to perform successful repairs at a cost-effective price.

From our base in Carlisle,we use the latest in auto-diagnostic testing software, enabling us to very quickly identify and assess problems that may negatively affect the normal operation of a vehicle. We also offer cursory physical checks, but if the problem isn’t obvious, then auto-diagnostic software tests will be required to find the route of the problem. The software is extremely accurate in pinpointing the fault as well as providing a solution.

If you are experiencing problems with your car or vehicle please visit us, where we will run a computerised diagnostic check which will flag up any issues.  We can provide an estimate for work the same day, if it is required.

Also The cost of our car diagnostics test is fixed here at Thompsons. The price you see is the price you pay. If we discover problems with your engine or other components, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation repair quote upfront.